Linux VPS Hosting

Linux VPS Hosting

Just like with the personal computers, web servers can be divided into two main categories- Windows based servers and Linux based servers. Unlike their PC equivalents, however, Linux is far more popular than Windows, when it comes to web hosting. To better understand why, let's have a look at

Advantages of the Linux based web hosting server

Over the years, Microsoft have become known for two things- making their software as user friendly as possible and having their system closed-source. Both those policies are absolutely fine, when it comes to personal computers. Windows is far more easy to install and set up, as opposed to Linux, therefore it is the preferred PC OS by the majority of users. However, as far as web hosting is concerned, Linux is far more flexible and therefore, it's preferred by system administrators. There are several main reasons for that:


Even in PCs, Linux is known for performing much better than Windows, when set up properly, of course. This is again valid for web servers. When in the hands of a capable administrator, Linux based servers have far greater performance, mainly because Linux is opened-source, therefore, the admin can set it up specifically for the type of hosting service and the capabilities and the specifications of the server itself.


It is a fact that 90% of the malware software is written for Windows based computers, both PCs and web servers. This alone means that the chance of the web server being hacked is greatly reduced. In addition, due to the open-sourced core, Linux administrators are able to set the security of the server in their own unique way, making the system almost impossible to breach.


The Windows web server OS is build specifically for Microsoft based scripts and databases, for instance, .ASP, .NETFramework and MS SQL server. Therefore, some of their most popular equivalents, such as PHP, MySQL and Zend Framework will not work as well as they would do on a Linux based server. And since, some of the most popular content management scripts are built on php and mysql, they will not perform that well, on Windows based servers, as well. Such scripts are Joomla, Moodle, Drupal, Wordpress etc..

There are many other smaller differences between the Windows and the Linux web hosting operating systems, however, most of them are quite technical and not as important as the ones above. In any case, Performance, Security and Software are the three main components that define a web server, therefore, covering any additional points is not as important.

Linux based Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers are significantly new to the web hosting sphere of business. Nevertheless, they are now quite popular because of their great efficiency and flexibility. Just like the other web hosting services, VPS accounts are too available with Windows and Linux OS. And again, just like the other hosting types of service, the virtual web servers also perform better when running on a Linux platform. The fact that it is open-sourced allows for all the above mentioned features, Performance, Security and Software support to be at much higher levels than the Windows based servers. This is especially valid for hosting services where the user himself has root access to the server's system files. When having such access the user can manually change important server settings, which are sometimes vital for the hosted website. Usually the users that sign up for a VPS hosting service are the ones that actually need those settings to be changed in order for their websites Of course not all of those users are able to make the changes themselves, therefore, they might have to hire an administrator to edit the settings for them. And since Linux is far more popular than Windows, among web developers and system administrators, finding and hiring a Linux system administrator is far more cheap and easy thing to do, than finding a good Windows admin. In any case, the Internet itself is full of information about how to manage a Linux web server, therefore, even if you decide to do the alterations yourself, you are bound to find a ton of step-by-step instructions over the web- something that is quite hard to find for Windows based web servers.

Choosing a Linux VPS provider

When looking for a good Linux based virtual hosting service, it is important to know that there are a lot of companies out there and if you don't look carefully, you might end up with purchasing something that is quite useless. Most web hosting providers offer both windows and linux hosting- something that doesn't speak well about the quality of the service, since not all hosting companies have the technical base and the necessary staff to provide both types of services. Therefore, it is always best to go with a hosting company that specializes in only one of those types of services- either Linux, or Windows hosting.